Monday, September 21, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris is Perfect as Emmy Host

Pros and Cons on the 2009 Emmy Awards

  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Great new sets - Finally, producers have done away with the old stage and screen.  They've entered the 21st Century.
  •  Sarah McLachlan singing "I Will Remember You" during the In Memoriam segment.
  • Weird pairings - David Boreanz and Laren Conrad, a reality star?????  Bob Newhart on his own?  He's great, but his monologue was out of place.
  • Good pairings with bad dialogue.  It was good to have Kyra Sedgwick present with Kevin Bacon and to bring together the casts of various shows, but why go to the trouble if they're not going to be witty or interesting?  
  • Separation of the show into segments by genre.  This slowed the whole presentation.  And, the whole mini-series/movie segment (which revolved around the same five programs) was a bomb.
  • The writing for everyone but Harris was blah.
Kudos to the producers of the Emmys for a great program from a production standpoint.  It came alive.

Next year, maybe they'll assign better writers to the entire show and keep doing what they're doing with Neil Patrick Harris.  That's a show I'll look forward to watching.

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