Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will the Ladies of "The View" be Tough on President Obama? Yes

President Obama will certainly get the tough questions from the ladies of "The View."  There is no way the returning Barbara Walters will be soft and, now that Joy Behar has her own program, I believe she will assert herself as well.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck's followers will expect her to hit hard. 

With the level of visibility being given to this interview, it will be incumbent on all of the co-hosts to live up to the hype and to make news.  Expect Whoopi Goldberg to be the referee.

Unemployment, the economy, the war in Afghanistan and the troops will all be on the table, as they should be.   After those issues have been addressed, you can also expect the softball questions about the Obama's vacation plans, Michelle Obama's war on obesity and life at the White House with Sasha and Malia. 

While most "View" viewers are interested in the "inside the White House" questions, the legions of unemployed people will be watching to hear the president's answers about when they can expect to go back to work. 

The White House, no doubt, sees this interview as a major opportunity to bring his message to a large voting audience in anticipation of the midterm elections in November.  The president should not duck the hard questions; if he does there will be a wave of ensuing negative publicity during the summer when issues can drag on and the Obama administration will have itself to blame.

More commentary included in today's story in the Christian Science Monitor:

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