Monday, April 11, 2011

Katie Couric May Be Smarter than the Brass at CBS

I wrote last week about what’s ahead for the three major broadcast networks in the wake of Katie Couric’s reported departure from the "CBS Evening News."

Today, the other side of the story: should we feel sorry for Katie?

Absolutely not.  Word is spreading that Couric and her former NBC “Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer are shopping a talk show together. 

What could be better for both of them? Unless they have the worst lawyers and agents in the word, they’ll own the show as Oprah owns hers.  They’ll share in the profits; they’ll make the business and content decisions. The only thing at stake is their friendship.

As long as their new program draws viewers, neither Katie nor Matt will have to answer to producers or network suits.  All they have to do is make a deal with the right syndication folks, hire a great staff and use their innate talents to smile and chat.  I suspect they’re not crazy enough to go for a morning program, so they won’t even have to get out of bed before dawn.

And the timing is right.  Regis Philbin is leaving “Live!” and Oprah will be buried on her own cable network where fewer viewers will be able to find her.

If the rumors are true, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer have a fantastic idea. They won't look back at their days at CBS and NBC.  Whatever deal they make, they’ll strike gold and they’ll be in control.  I wonder if their first guests will be Sarah Palin and Kanye West.

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