Monday, June 13, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris Makes The Tony Awards

The Tony Awards broadcast last night on CBS, dominated by the winning musical, “The Book of Mormon,” was wonderful all around, but special credit goes to Neil Patrick Harris who is the best all-around entertainer of his generation.

The guy is a joy at comedy.  He’s a good actor.  He can sing and dance.  And he does everything with unbridled, cheerful enthusiasm.  What a prize.

For your entertainment, here are some of the best segments:

Harris’ introductory number with Stephen Colbert, Brooke Shields, Bobby  Cannavale:

His competitive duet with Hugh Jackman, former host of the Tony’s,“Anything You Can Do…”

Other highlights of the show were Chris Rock’s stand-up, the musical number from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe, Sean Hayes as Spiderman and Robin Williams’ brief appearance (hysterical).

Overall, the Tony Awards presentation was phenomenal.  As reported during the broadcast, this past season was one of Broadway’s most successful ever.  As an aficionado of Broadway I, like Harris in his closing rap number, advise you to “Go See a MF Broadway Show” to keep this national treasure alive.

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