Monday, July 25, 2011

The Entourage Swan Song: If the Series is Failing, How Can the Movie Succeed?

Entourage returned to HBO last night after more than a year off for its final season of eight episodes, but the wait was hardly worth it.

Nothing happened in the first episode which detracts from any anticipation there might have been for the next seven entries, and particularly for the full length feature film now promised.

As the season begins, Vincent Chase, movie star, is leaving rehab where he spent the last three months weaning himself from cocaine.

His boys are tripping over themselves - and each other - preparing for his return.   

Eric and the newest boy blunder, Scott Lavin (Scott Caan), need to impress him for his business, though Eric is pumping the friendship angle.  Johnny Drama (the only character who seems to be growing) is clearing the house of alcohol and drugs.  Turtle claims to be helping, but he’s still too immature to go a few hours without smoking a joint.  Uber agent Ari Gold is consumed with his family problems – his wife threw him out – but is still so attached to his career that he, too, has to join the Vincent Chase welcoming party.

What follows throughout the episode is a repeat of hijinks from the past seven seasons.   

The guys throw what is supposed to be a dry party for Vince that, of course, gets so out of control that the fire department arrives with lights and sirens.

Weaved into the action is Vince's desperation to produce a new film whose topic doesn't excite anyone, but they're too sycophantic to tell him.

Also, Ari tries to woo his ex and Eric has moments with Sloan.  Their engagement is kaput over a disagreement about a prenup.


I’m almost ready to stop watching Entourage, but I’ve hung in this long and would like to see the series through to its conclusion, which should arrive with some maturation among these young men.  Though maybe we’ll have to wait for the movie. 

Memo to Mark Wahlberg and the other producers: everyone has to grow up sometime.  And mature people can be interesting, too.  If you do make the movie, let’s see these guys evolve and behave less like frat boys.

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