Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Deutsch, Olbermann and Biden

So MSNBC removed Donny Deutsch from its broadcasts because he named the network's own Keith Olbermann among others who are displaying intense anger during their political talk programs.  (Others were Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.)

MSNBC is correct from an HR standpoint - you can't have one of your top talkers maligned by his own colleagues - but Deutsch's thinking is right.  Who wants to watch these guys explode every day and why can't they speak reasonably?  On both sides, they're mongering fear and hate.  And, they're contributing to the divisiveness that precludes any positive action in Washington.

On "The View" today, Vice President Joe Biden was asked about the lack of decorum in politics by Joy Behar, of all people.  He recalled the late Senate Majority Leader, Mike Mansfield, who lectured to Biden as a young Senator about discourse and collegiality.  Biden noted that some of his fellow members of Congress frequently refer to former President Clinton as "Bubba."  You wonder, he said, "why kids don't respect authority."

Let's get back to discussing ideas and refrain from spewing anger - in private and on TV.

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