Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reality TV - Some Good, Most Awful

I'm not a fan of most Reality TV, but some programs are so distasteful they should not be seen, much less broadcast to millions.

The rancor displayed by reality contestants puts the worst aspects of human behavior on display and contributes to those who wrongly contend that American society is declining.

The culprits are, for the most part, the producers and network executives who take a bunch of strangers, force them to live together, shut them off from the world and provide liquor.

Is it any wonder that the final products feature little but sniping and catfighting?

The worst examples are "The Bachelor" and "Survivor."

On the plus side, there are a few programs that bring us together - as viewers, music lovers, champions of young people trying to make it in the world and even aspiring business magnates.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the current run of "The Celebrity Apprentice" employs a respected group of performers and other semi-famous individuals who are showing viewers how to be effective and how to raise money for charity while remaining collegial.  Stand-outs are Holly Robinson Peete, Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders and, shockingly, Poison rocker, Bret Michaels.  What a great group!

While it's been said quite often that the current group of American Idol contestants doesn't measure up to past idols talent-wise, these young singers seem to be incredibly supportive of each other.  They're fighting for their artistic lives, but they still pat each other on the back.  The program is a further joy in that it showcases music appreciated by all generations and gives us all something to talk about the next morning.

I don't believe network programmers should eliminate all reality television, but I implore them to start weeding out that which offends.  I'd rather turn the TV off than watch programs that present people as lower life forms.

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  1. From MTM via Facebook: agree re Bret Michaels on Celebrity Apprentice-- he seems sweet and smart-- can understand why all those skanks were fighting over him on "Rock of Love" :)-- what about Top Chef and Project Runway?