Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ABC: Fall 2010

So far, the new ABC schedule seems to be the least promising of all the announced new skeds for fall, though the network has a number of new programs.
“Better Together” sounds good.  From Shana Goldberg-Meehan of “Friends,” it’s about two sisters at different stages in their romantic relationships. One is in a long-term relationship; the other gets pregnant and marries a new guy.  This show will join ABC’s already successful slate of Wednesday night comedies.

Starring Julie Benz and the appealing Tate Donovan, “No Ordinary Family” revolves around a typical American family with “special” abilities, ala “The Incredibles.”  Michael Chiklis is also in it.

“Detroit 1-8-7”
is a crime drama pilot set in Detroit.  It follows a fictional documentary crew following a homicide squad and is described as having a “humorous tone.”
A legal drama, "The Whole Truth," that the network claims presents both sides of a case equally so the viewers are the virtual jury.  Jerry Bruckheimer produces it and the cast features Rob Morrow.  Yes, there will be a verdict at the end of each hour.

In the oy vey department, ABC is finally getting into the spate of shows with dissected dead bodies.  In the aptly titled, "Body of Proof," Dana Delany ("Desperate Housewives," China Beach”) is a neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner whose expertise helps solve murders.

For "My Generation" the gimmick is the return to a town where the high school class of 2000 was captured in a documentary.  Now, ten years later, the crew is back to capture the classmates’ return to Austin, Texas where each one (all the typical high school characters are represented – nerd, overachiever, punk, etc.) discovers that what happened to them during the previous decade wasn’t exactly what they expected when they left high school.

Finally, ABC will be airing a program that ran briefly on Fox, called "Secret Millionaire," which follows wealthy people who go undercover in economically depressed areas and give some of their money to people in need.

So, here’s the schedule:

Sunday: “Extreme Makeover: Home,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Brothers and Sisters”
Monday: “Dancing with the Stars,” “Castle”
Tuesday: “No Ordinary Family,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Detroit 1-8-7”
Wednesday: “The Middle,” “Better Together,” “Modern Family,” “Cougar Town,” “The Whole Truth”
Thursday: “My Generation,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice”
Friday: Secret Millionaire,” “Body of Proof,” “20/20”
Saturday: Football

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