Thursday, May 6, 2010

Harry Connick Should Fill Simon's Shoes

If the American Idol producers are still searching for a replacement for Simon Cowell, they should look no further than this week's musical guest, Harry Connick, Jr.  (This is Cowell's last season.)

Connick is a musician's musician - a composer, arranger, pianist, singer and conductor - who's worked in many genres.  Plus, he's funny and tremendously entertaining.

The man would bring a lot to the table, like bona fide musical critique, not platitudes and gushing.  He's pleasant, but not a pushover.  I LOVED it when he admonished the judges last night to stop using the word "pitchy" to tell performers they're simply "out of tune."  (I've been yelling that at the TV for years.)  Connick has the musical chops.

Harry seemed like he was bucking for the judge's job.  During his two-night stint he coached the idols, performed, cracked jokes and conducted the orchestra.  Let's hope I'm right.  Next season could be great fun.

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  1. DM via Facebook writes: But doncha know that EVERY American reality show must have a snotty British judge? Harry wouldn't fill the requirement.