Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Necessary Roughness Changes: Good or Bad?

I still like Necessary Roughness on USA (Wednesdays at 10), but
I'm not convinced the changes made this season live up to the show's previous greatness.

This year, Callie Thorne's character, Dr. Dani Santino, has left the Hawks football franchise to join a high-level talent agency that reps celebrities - actors, actresses, pro athletes.  While she still interacts with Nico Careles (Scott Cohen), the shady security guy who's now with the new firm, and Terrence "TK" King (Mehcad Brooks), her star patient from the team, there are too many characters who didn't make the switch.  Most notable are her on/off boyfriend Matt (Marc Blucas), her children (who are only making guest appearances this season) and the Hawks former coach played by Gregory Alan Williams.

Change is good.  Too much change translates to a whole new show and that's what Necessary Roughness has become.

True, John Stamos is talented.  But his portrayal of Connor McClane, the head of the V3 agency, hits the same note over and over.  He's cute, sharp and charming, but not surprising from week to week.

Hearing about the various demons celebs seem to have to tackle in order to ply their craft gets tiresome week after week.  How many stories can there be of actors who can't deliver their lines or sports stars who can't compete because of something in their past Dr. Dani has fix?

Personally, I enjoyed the interaction between Dani and her teenaged kids.  It made the show more multidimensional.  Why did producers think it had to go?

The underplot that keeps me hanging on is the hint that the FBI or another law enforcement agency is investigating V3.  So far we've seen only glimpses to that effect via short scenes with Nico and agents discussing the firm in deserted parking lots.  What's ahead for the firm and for Dr. Dani remains to be seen and I'll hang on until I get too bored or until the plot unravels.

In the meantime, there's a back story brewing about TK getting a reality show as he works his way to fame beyond the football field.

Here's a glimpse:

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