Monday, June 14, 2010

HGTV or Food Network: Which are You?

So I'm an HGTV person.  Most of my friends seem to be Food Network people.

I'm finding that TV viewers fall into one of the two groups, but usually not both.

Me?  I like interior design more than I like to cook (food addiction notwithstanding).  More than that, I take to the transformation aspect of the HGTV shows: Mike Holmes takes a completely botched construction job and rebuilds a house in an hour.  The "Design to Sell" crew makes over a hovel in 30 minutes with $2,000 while the mortified homeowners crawl under the furniture.  "Curb Appeal: the Block" features bad neighbors who become tolerable neighbors when their place no longer drags the street into the gutter (hint to house at the end of our subdivision).  And last, but not least, "Design Star" where there's design with cat-fighting.  Ah, the fun.

Food Network, not so much for me.  I can't seem to become addicted to competition over scaling fish and choosing the right garnish. (Yes, I know there's much more than that to "Top Chef" [Bravo] and Iron Chef America.)  I do admit to watching the Gordon Ramsay shows, "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Hell's Kitchen," trashy as they are.  (Where to they get the contestants for Hell's Kitchen?)

What are your thoughts?  Houses or Food?  Tell us why.

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  1. Me, Food Network and other (Top Chef/Top Chef Masters), food shows. Although we were at a Kitchen Nightmares taping and Gordon was nice to our family, I really can't stand Hell's Kitchen--much prefer Top Chef, etc.