Wednesday, June 16, 2010

“Hot in Cleveland” – Will the Great Premise Carry the Show?

If nothing else, I just love the premise of “Hot in Cleveland,” TV Land’s first try at an original adult sitcom that debuted tonight.

Jane Leeves (“Frasier”), Wendy Malick (“Just Shoot Me”) and Valerie Bertinelli are stranded after a freaky plane ride en route to Paris lands them in Cleveland.  Once there, they realize Midwestern men actually consider them hot. That’s not the case in their hometown of LA where they haven’t been noticed by men in years because they’re not emaciated and 20 years old.  And the men in Cleveland are straight; they don't have to guess.

They decide to stay.

Says Jane Leeves, “These men are hitting on women their own age; we owe it to science to investigate.”

If you look closely enough (and some of you will have to put on your glasses), you’ll see that one of the guys in that scene, the blond, is John Schneider from “Dukes of Hazard.”   He looks great.

The show itself is somewhat amusing. Believe it or not, the best lines are delivered by Betty White who turns up as the cleaning lady in the house the first three rent.

Alessandra Stanley in today's New York Times said the idea for the show came from a "30 Rock" episode during which Tina Fey is in Cleveland.  Someone suggests she should "eat something" because she's so skinny.

We’ll see if the stories and the dialogue shine through after the premise is worn out. The cast is certainly a good one. These women have nothing to prove; they’re all established comediennes. Only the writers can fail at this point. There’s a target on their back if they do.

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  1. I meant to watch it--hopefully it's on Hulu-- love all of the cast members... and the premise is a good one-- saw the Thirty Rock episode that you mentioned--was also great--John Schneider was on Nip/Tuck a couple of seasons ago (he played a porn director :))-- he does look great!