Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poor Bachelorette Ali: Couldn't they Find Her a Guy with a Job

So Reality Steve, the blogger who seems to know all the dirt on reality TV, even results before they air, is reporting that current ABC Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky remains single at the end of the program's run. She chooses neither Charleston, S.C. insurance agent, Roberto, 26, nor Chris L., 33, the landscaper from Cape Cod. The final rose ceremony has already been taped and Steve says she walks away with no one.

Is it any wonder? Only one of the seven remaining guys has a respectable job by my accounting.

Craig R. of Philadelphia is a 27-year-old lawyer, but he seems as exciting as a tree stump.

The rest are this close to being unemployed or have euphemism jobs. You know, if a guy’s mother is asked what her son does for a living, she says, “he’s a sales associate.” Translation: he works in a shoe store.

Here are the rest:

Frank, 31, Retail Manager (Translation: works at McDonald’s)
Justin, 26, Entertainment Wrestler (need I say more)
Ty, 31, Medical Sales (works at CVS)
Kirk, 27, Sales Consultant (Oh my God!)

And this girl, Ali, is an advertising exec at Facebook. Not only does she work for a real company with a real title, but she was an early employee of the fastest growing Internet company on the planet. If we can use other such companies as a guide, like Google, she could have real money. The first people who signed on to Google became millionaires and Facebook has had a similar history. The stock is through the roof.

Why would Ali go for any of these guys, unless they are absolute, stand-out individuals? I don’t get that impression. They’re all good looking, but none has told her anything I would deem special. Chris lost his mother and has a great dad. Kirk had mold poisoning. And Justin has a sprained ankle. Oh, and another spoiler, he’s the one whose girlfriend calls Ali to tell her he’s already taken (and he’s cheating on that chick).

At least Jake Pavelka, “The Bachelor” from the last season, who chose vampy Vienna and then broke up with her, is a pilot. That’s a decent job.

Good luck to Ms. Fedotowsky. Except for a mouthful of a surname, she seems to be an attractive, nice and fairly accomplished person. I’m sure she’ll find a decent guy. And if she marries him, she’ll even have a new last name.

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