Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ABC and "The Bachelor" Have Some 'Splainin' to Do

The producers of “The Bachelor” and the ABC Television Network should really look at the franchise and consider pulling it.  They should also be called on the carpet for the way they produce this program.  Not since Ricky Ricardo has there been such a hothead on TV - and this time the hottie wasn’t trying to be funny.

ABC has now made at least two major mistakes picking “bachelors.”

Last night, it was abundantly clear that the latest candidate, Brad Womack, has an anger management problem.  During the final fiancĂ©-picking episode, there was a conversation with Emily over her five-year-old daughter.

Rationally, Emily tells Brad he should think long and hard about what it will mean to be with her, to be an instant parent and to make a serious commitment; there’s good and bad that goes with parenting.

He nearly has a breakdown and starts hyperventilating, complaining that she confronted him. 

Emily should have run for the door at that point. (But she says they're engaged.)

Instead of reassuring her that he would do his best, he attacked her for calling him out.

What a loser.

Last season, Jake Pavelka displayed similar tendencies toward Vienna, his chosen, but long gone intended.  They had a fight on television that would have made Desi Arnaz look laid back.

What is wrong with these guys?  Don’t they know the cameras are on?  Don’t they see the cameras in the room with them?

Even if they are stupid enough to act poorly in private, shouldn’t they have enough brains to “act” when tape is rolling?

For some reason, the women who have been “Bachelorettes” do not seem as crazy.  Maybe it’s coincidental, but so far none have been too out there and two are still with the guys they chose.

My recommendation to ABC would be to keep “The Bachelorette,” but do away with “The Bachelor.”

It’s like presidential candidates.  Those who run - with today’s media spotlight and fundraising necessities - have such big egos that they are among those least suited to be leaders, with few exceptions.   Likewise, single men who need to put themselves on TV to find women will likely be the least suitable husbands.  I would say I feel sorry for those poor, starving, blondes who compete to be contestants.  But I really don’t.

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