Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"The Good Wife" is Getting Good

The "Good Wife" is getting much better, and it was pretty good to start with.

If you missed last night's episode, it was revealed that Kalinda, the dastardly investigator at Lockhart Gardner, once slept with Peter (Chris Noth) in return for political favors.  This is especially intriguing since Kalinda and Alicia are becoming closer and closer friends.

We also learned that Will has a questionable past.  At a former firm, he seems to have stolen something.  We don't know what or how, but he says "I paid my debt." Maybe, but I know a loose end when I see one.

At the law firm, there is further trouble.  Since the sinister Derrick Bond left, the firm must keep every client or risk the likelihood that all will flee.   The fact that Lemond Bishop, the one who's a drug kingpin, seems to have killed his wife could prove damaging.

This show keeps getting better.  It's more intriguing, more entertaining and even much more humorous than it was.

The directors have loosened up the character of Alicia.

They introduced her brother, who is a hoot.

And they're letting the Florrick children act like real kids; they're more than the usual prop children.  They interact with adults on a normal level and use their own wiles.  The scenes with Grace, Zach and Eli Gould (the chameleon, Alan Cumming) are especially funny. I loved it when he shrieked, "You kids are evil!"

The writers are graceful in the way they dance around political correctness with dialogue about black versus white, and whom Peter, the candidate, can be seen with, depending on whether he's courting liberals or conservatives.

I have complained about "The Good Wife" in the past because of some plot devices that were smarmy, like missed phone calls and deleted voice mail messages.

But I now have high hopes for what's to come, especially during May sweeps when the heat gets turned up in all shows.

Will Alicia turn to Will when she finds out about Kalinda and Peter? Will Will's secrets return to wound him?  Will Lockhart Gardner go up in flames?  Probably yes (temporarily), yes (but not fatally) and no (there has be another season).

Either way "The Good Wife" will be fun to watch.

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