Monday, March 7, 2011

The New American Idol is Okay

I knocked the “new” American Idol when it debuted with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, but I take it back.

While the two new judges have a great deal of trouble being critical, they’ve taken the show to a new, if not higher level.

Tyler is a mess, but he’s fun to watch and he seems to have a passion for the music - and even for the idea of helping the young wannabes.

J-Lo is a diva with a heart.  She’s clearly obsessed with her hair and her dresses (for which she is too old), but gushes at the contestants and seems to be their biggest fan.

The most surprising part of the new dynamic is Randy Jackson.  He’s the a reincarnated Simon Cowell, left to be an actual judge and offer the critiques that the others eschew.  On last week’s programs it was Jackson who had to say, “Wait a minute, are you guys in the same studio?  Did you hear how many notes he missed?”  This happened on a number of occasions when the performers were off their game.  While Tyler and Lopez offered accolades, only Jackson heard the shortcomings.

I suspect this will change as time goes on and the two newbies settle into their role.  Surely, they’re reading the reviews and will catch on to the idea that they have to offer more than compliments.  And, let’s face it, everyone gets tired of being nice all the time.

In the meantime, there’s a great crop of young idols in the competition and there is the star quality that Lopez and Tyler bring to the table.  I’m loving the new season and recommend it.   The only drawback for me is Ryan Seacrest who has not changed his act since day one ten years ago.

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