Saturday, September 8, 2012

Michael Strahan's First Week on Live!

Kelly Ripa with her new
co-host, Michael Strahan,
on their first official day.
So what do you think of Michael Strahan's first week as the official co-host of Live! with Kelly and Michael?

I am not sure he was the right choice.  He's definitely a funny guy with a lot of energy who seems to be up for everything.  Yesterday, I saw him lift Kelly Ripa and Kristin Chenoweth and carry each in one arm.  So, he's good on the sight gags and not afraid to mix it up for the sake of comedy.

Strahan tells a good story.  Early this week, he told of going out with his fiance, Nicole Murphy (formerly Eddie Murphy's wife), and his daughter.  They were all at the U.S. Open having lunch and using their cell phones instead of talking to each other.   He made it good for a few laughs.

He's okay with the interviews, knowing how to ask questions and to actually listen to the answers for follow-ups.  I saw the show twice this week and gave him a thumbs up as an interviewer.

But, the key question for me is whether or not he's as quick with the one-liners, which is the one strength you need on a show like Live!  Kelly Ripa is a master.  Regis Philbin was good until he got older, and even then he wasn't bad at all.  Kelly's predecessor, Kathie Lee Gifford, was alright, but she had other strengths that made her appealing, at least back in the day when she was on the show.

I'm not so sure yet about Strahan.

I can also say with relative certainty that I won't turn on Live! just to watch Michael Strahan or to watch the chemistry between the two hosts.  I'm certainly willing to give Strahan a chance, but he'll have to win me over.

Oh, and I'd love to see him get his teeth fixed.  Can't a guy who made a lot of money playing football, who was a football analyst for FOX and is now the host of one of the most popular talk shows in history afford a little dental work?

What do you think?  I'm interested to hear from readers on this.

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