Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: Castle Season Premiere

It was a very dramatic and gory beginning to the new season of Castle last night on ABC.

Rick tells Kate he loves her after she's shot at Captain Montgomery's funeral.  His death was part of the web shrouding her mother's death a number of years ago.

The mystery continues as does the unrealized romance.  Though Kate and her surgeon boyfriend are no longer, she claims she must resolve her mother's murder before moving forward with her life.

That prospect is dim since the precinct's new female captain is the stereotypical hard-nosed management type without a brain, who even insists on being called sir, and seeks to thwart the Castle/Kate detective team.

The bottom line is that last year's season-ending cliffhanger remains unresolved. And the chase for Beckett's mom's killer is on hold because Castle received a threat that convinces him to convince Kate to take a break.

Maybe next year.  In the meantime we get to enjoy a good show as we await the consummation of the romance that would probably be a show killer anyway.

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