Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Fox's New Girl

As you already know now from all the Fox hype, New Girl stars Zooey Decshanel as Jess, a woman who moves in with three guys because her old apartment is inhabited by the boyfriend she found with another woman.

To say the boys are immature would be a gross understatement, but then again so is Deschanel who tortures them by sobbing while watching “Dirty Dancing” again and again and again. 

Jess is a mess and she’s annoying.  The boys are pretty much complete jerks.  There’s insensitive Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.), the tough guy, social climber Schmidt (Max Greenfield) who tries to go to all the hot parties, and Nick (Jake Johnson) who’s crushed after being dumped by a girl.  The fifth character is Jess's friend, a model who makes Jess all the more attractive to the guys.

I guess the idea is that she’s going to tame them while they fix her.   No doubt, one will end up being her boyfriend (probably Nick who seems the most human) – if the show lasts that long.

The resolution of the pilot episode did offer some hope.  The guys show their sensitive side by giving up the evenings they had planned to be with her.  By the close, they do seem pretty endearing.

I was prepared to say I hope someone out there will let me know what happens, because after the first few minutes I didn’t plan to try again to find out.  But now, I might be hooked.  New Girl may be worth getting to know.

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