Thursday, September 29, 2011

X-Factor Tops Idol for Many Reasons

After weeks one and two of the X-Factor, I like it.

It's the same as American Idol, only better.

The extended age range of contestants makes it interesting as does the welcome addition of acts with multiple performers.  It's also a plus that there will be fewer "audition" episodes.

I'm especially delighted to see and hear from Simon Cowell whose commentary ranks highest of all TV judges.  He's critical, but fair and honest - and he makes me laugh.  In the initial episodes, he liked so many performers that you might have thought he'd changed, but I believe there are simply better singers on this program.

I also welcome the return of Paul Abdul.  She might be an eccentric, but she knows music and, though she is more complimentary than Cowell as a rule, she can be critical while remaining supportive of the artists.

I don't know if this will last through the performing episodes, but X-Factor seemed to have fewer music bumpers, those intros and outros with the annoying music that proliferate Idol, but have no use but to merely fill time.

The success of the X-Factor may be bad news for its main competitor, which returns in January, though the latter may be spared because the two are not in direct competition.  It's hard to know if audiences will be tired of singing competitions by then.  Huge numbers of viewers watched America's Got Talent over the summer.  Now they're watching X-Factor.  Enough might be enough by the start of the new year.

If I have to choose between A (American Idol), B (America's Got Talent) and C (X-Factor), I'll pick the X.

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