Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ABC Brags About Daytime Ratings, But Read Between the Lines

While it may be true that ABC Daytime is doing well in the ratings among young women, 18-34, there's more to be read beneath the surface of what the network is saying in news releases.

ABC announced recently that for the week of October 22nd, it was daytime's top-rated network for the 8th consecutive week in Women 18-34 (0.6 rating/211,000), and for the 4th straight week in Women 18-49 (0.9 rating/584,000 - tie).

The news is not so great among total viewers and for all shows.

For instance, while General Hospital is doing very well in its new 2 p.m. time slot, The View is not doing quite as well as it did last season.  General Hospital tied The View as Daytime's number one program in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/237,000), spiking to a 22-week high in the demo - since week of 5/21/12.  That's good news for GH, but not for The View.

Ratings for The View dipped by 12% in total viewers (3.66 to 3.23 million) since last year at this time, 23 percent in women 25-54 (993,000 to 768,000) and 15 percent among women 18-49 (745,000 to 631,000). Women 18-34 increased by four percent (228,000 to 237,000).

For the 4th consecutive week, "General Hospital" ranked as the top program in daytime in Women 18-34 (0.7 rating/248,000), posting its largest competitive advantage over Young & the Restless on CBS in 14 months and its second-biggest edge in close to 4-1/2 years (+31% - 248,000 vs. 189,000), since weeks of 8/22/11 and 6/23/08, respectively.  Compared to One Life to Live (in the 2pm time slot last year), General Hospital gained 7% in total viewers and 13% in women 18-34.
While the network said The Chew "soared" to its most-watched week in 23 weeks in Women 18-49 (421,000) - since week of 5/14/12 - and registered season highs in Women 18-34 (149,000) and Women 25-54 (536,000), it only drew 2.27 million total viewers for the week.  That's a 5% increase for the year, but it's not huge compared to The Talk  on CBS which rose 13%.  (The two shows are tied for viewers at the moment.)
Furthermore, year-to-year, The Chew lost 16% among women 18-49 (500,000 to 421,000) and 19% among women 25-54 (658,000 to 536,000).


  1. Thanks for breaking that down! I've tried to explain how they put a spin on all that, now I think I'll send them a link to this article!

  2. Debbie-

    If you break this down further, despite the gains, it appears that The Chew is the one in trouble-especially if Anne Sweeney's eyeballs comment still holds. Thanks for keeping us in the loop...

    1. Interesting, Troy. You seem to have good data. Message me at debra@djccommunications.com. I'm interested to learn where your perspective comes from - are you a viewer or do you work in media?

    2. Troy, I wish you were right, but Sweeney's comment was likely just an excuse used to justify the AMC/OLTL cancellations. At this point, GH is doing better than they ever imagined. I don't think they will cancel The Chew or GH this upcoming year (unless GH drastically dwindles in ratings in the coming months). Unfortunately, Katie seems to be doing better in ratings too. I don't think they HAVE to cancel anything this upcoming year (what in the world would they replace Katie or The Chew with? I know we would like to have OLTL & AMC back, but I doubt they will bring those shows back).

    3. You do raise a valid point, Anonymous. I have already shared my observations with Debra outside of this blog. If you would like, message me at Troy0310@aol.com, and I will share them with you as well.

  3. Why don't they count women 46+. ? Because as many people that have steadily been watching over 45 years is a big part of viewers. Or is it to do with sponsors?

  4. Would like to see the stats for the over 60 crowd ... we've been watching for over 50 years.

  5. Katie's average veiwer is 60.thats cancellation for any other show.Make you wonder why she is getting by with it.

  6. It's just a matter of time (Anonymous) for the chew and Katie to be gone from ABC lineup.