Monday, December 5, 2011

Aaron Sorkin's New Show to be called Newsroom

Sorkin and Daniels
If you were a fan of The West Wing you'll want to know that Aaron Sorkin has a new show coming out about a fictional TV cable news outlet.  It will air on HBO and TV Newser is reporting that it will be called Newsroom.

This is great news for those of us who are news junkies and follow politics assiduously.  Sorkin is a master at portraying a real workplace while mixing in political action and the best writing I've ever seen or heard on television.  The West Wing was a television masterpiece.

For those who don't know, Sorkin is also responsible for the movie, Social Network and for A Few Good Men (stage and screen).  He wrote one of the most unheralded, but best shows on television, Sports Night, which aired on ABC more than a decade ago and starred Peter Krause and Josh Charles.

Newsroom will feature Jeff Daniels as anchorman Will McCallister on the fictional UBS cable news channel.  Sam Waterston will play the network president.  With plot lines and dialogue peppered with names from the real world of media and politics, the show is sure to be a hit among insiders.  To make it even more real, Chris Matthews son, Thomas Matthews, an actor, will have a small part.  How much do you wanna bet the elder Matthews makes at least one appearance on this one?

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