Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two and a Half Men Doing Well, Surprisingly

Two and a Half Men is posting television's largest gains in adults 18-49 during the first half of the season, according to Nielsen’s most current ratings through December 4th.

This I cannot believe. 

I've watched a few episodes since Ashton Kutcher arrived and I can't believe how bad the show is.  Instead of having a funny lead character (the lamented/lamentable Charlie Sheen) and two decent supporting characters, there are now a complete bumbler (Kutcher) with two total losers (Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones).

I'll get to Kutcher in a second, but first a word about Cryer's Alan and Jones' Jake.  

As if it wasn't bad enough that Alan, the supposed chiropractor, was sponging off his brother for years, now he's living off the kindness of a complete stranger.  It's entirely pathetic.  He's is truly the CBS network's biggest loser.

And Jake, his son, has devolved from a cute kid who made smart remarks to a teenager proving with every phrase of dialogue that he is wholly deprived of intelligence.  His lack of knowledge about everything except sex makes him a poster boy for characters kids should not emulate.

Neither ever gets off the couch or dresses to leave the house.  The whole situation is beyond the realm of possibility, even for a TV sitcom.

Now for Kutcher's Walden Schmidt.  

Walden, a recently divorced man looking for love, is presented as a brilliant, but adorable, techie and entrepreneur.  Instead, he comes off as a total idiot.  Why else would he let the other two live with him?  Plus, he's terrible with women and appears to be so dimwitted you wouldn't expect him to know how to work an IPhone, never mind invent one.  There are no moments where the supposed genius comes out; there are just blank stares and vacuousness.
Two and a Half Men is up +41% in the ratings among adults 18-49 from a year ago (7.2 from 5.1).  If real adults are watching this program, I don't want to know them.  They can only be as pitiful as these characters.

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