Friday, August 3, 2012

ABC Daytime Ratings for Week of July 23rd

ABC continues to struggle in daytime almost a year after One Life to Live left the airwaves and more than that for All My Children, both cherished by many of our readers.

Replacements for those show have mediocre ratings that fall below their predecessors.

During the week of July 23rd, The Chew (1 p.m.) drew 2.12 viewers, 15% fewer than AMC and down from 2.17 the previous week. 

ABC announced, by the way, that it is giving The Chew a one-shot primetime airing at 7 pm on Sunday, September 2nd, which is Labor Day Weekend.  They're using it as an opportunity to preview the network's new fall series.  Participating will be Andre Braughher (Last Resort), Jami Gertz (The Neighbors), Hayden Panettiere (Nashville), Reba (Malibu Country), Vanessa Williams and Terry O'Quinn (both 666 Park Avenue).  The regulars from The Chew will be there as well: Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz.

Good Afternoon America (2 p.m.), which has not done well at all, lost more viewers with 1.70 million during the week in question, down 1.79 from the previous week and down a whopping 39% from One Life to Live.

Don't these programming execs learn?

The View, ABC's daytime ratings champion lost viewers as well.  It had 3.14 million compared to 3.25 the previous week.

The Talk on CBS is the only daytime talker gaining a little speed.  It had 2.20 viewers, up from 2.02 the week before.  It is holding steady from a year ago.  That's not bad, considering how much the others are losing.

Here are the breakdowns for the various demographics, which are considered most important to advertisers, with comparisons from one year ago.

Women 25-54:
The View - 716,000 (-25)
The Talk - 594,000 (- 9)
The Chew - 471,000 (-32)
Good Afternoon America - 404,000 (-50)

Women 18-49:
The View - 556,000 (-23)
The Talk - 442,000 (-15)
The Chew - 356,000 (-32)
Good Afternoon America - 293,000 (-57)

Women 18-34:
The View - 200,000 (-12)
The Talk - 132,000 (-10)
The Chew - 129,000 (-17)
Good Afternoon America - 106,000 (-50)


  1. ABC continue to stuck what 's new.

    1. ABC continue to suck what's new when I think of what ABC done to our beloved soaps My comment earlier had a typo.

  2. ABC execs are idiots. How much money did they lose by yanking our soaps off the air? They have spent a gazillion dollars advertising these silly chat shows and to no avail.

    We're sick of chat and reality, ABC. Get it?

  3. As a life long fan of ABC I was always supporting anything ABC. I may not be in the target demographic but my opinion still count when i refuse to watch anything on ABC but GENERAL HOSPITAL.I may only be one person but I have alot of friends some (including my daughters and their friends )who are in the targeted demographics who listened when i asked them to boycott ABC. So when they decided I do not count I made sure they do not count in my house or my friends houses.

  4. Obvious proof that ABC screwed up royally when it canceled two of the most legendary soaps in daytime.

  5. I only want to watch my soaps on ABC. Who needs reality? Back to love in the afternoon!

  6. I miss my family on One Life To Live. You have lost me as a long time viewer of ABC. You must not be in it for the money.First you took away super soap weekend at the Disney parks, and then our soaps. All I can do is shake my head. what foos. Listen to your ex- customers. The customers are ALWAYS right, at least thats what I have been taught. Good luck messing with us.

  7. They are giving "The Spew" a primetime spot for one night to show everyone that doesn't get to watch tv during the day just how horrible their daytime lineup really is. Makes me sick to see how they have desttoyed great scripted drama and replaced it with cheap imitations off of other channels. How much money can they throw away? At the rate they've been going they should really consider bringing One Life to Live back to daytime if they want their ratings to soar.

  8. None of this is a surprise-it just continues to spotlight the horrendous decisions that ABC has made since 4/14/11. By the way, the gang at The Talk better be nervous once GH moves to 2 on 9/10

  9. I continue to be shocked at the stupidity abc and Disney have demonstrated in trying to revamp daytime tv. Problem is you don't seem to understand what the audience needs> We need an escape and we need to be entertained. I am sick of hearing about weight loss, health scares, food gimmicks etc. We want stories that we can escape into after cleaning, coming home from school or work, washing clothes etc. I don't want to know how to do the things that I just did. It is just too sad to continue. I agree with all the others, I have stopped watching ABC except for the news and GH. Please send Katie back to her little old home town. She will never replace Oprah. She already has too much dower history.

  10. I am heartbroken over the loss of OLTL. I promise that if GH is ever taken off the network that I will stop watching ABC completely. Right now I am not going to buy any products advertised just on ABC network both day and night. If more people boycott the ABC ads then maybe we will get some sense back in their heads.