Monday, October 22, 2012

The Talk on CBS is Up; ABC Daytime Talk, Not So Much

CBS is reporting that The Talk, its daytime talk show, is rising in the ratings. The show posted increases in viewers and key female demographics versus last week and the comparable week last year, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Oct. 12.

Compared to the previous week, THE TALK was up 3% in viewers (2.32m from 2.25m), 11% in women 25-54 (1.0/06 from 0.9/06) and even in women 18-49 (0.7/05).

Compared to the same week a year ago, THE TALK was up 23% in viewers (2.32m from 1.88m), 11% in women 25-54 (1.0/06 from 0.9/05) and 17% in women 18-49 (0.7/05 from 0.6/04).

Season-to-date, THE TALK is up 19% in viewers (2.32m from 1.95m), 11% in women 25-54 (1.0/06 from 0.9/06), 25% in women 18-34 (0.5/03 from 0.4/02) and even in women 18-49 (0.7/05).

The View, over on ABC, has not been so fortunate.  It had an average of 3.35 million viewers during the week of October 8th, a 9% dip from last year at this time.

Meanwhile, The Chew, the show soap lovers love to hate (because it displaced All My Children), was up 24% for the year with 2.31 million viewers.   That's quite an increase from this past August when it was drawing just around 2 million viewers per week.  The gains for The Chew are not as great in the 25-54 demographic, where it lost 7% in the past week.

Finally, the news for General Hospital, which relocated from 3 p.m. to 2 p.m. on the ABC schedule, is pretty good.  The soap averaged 2.67 million viewers, 14% more than last year.  There was 29% growth among women 18-34.  It's also worth noting that GH is drawing about 4% more viewers than One Live to Live, which previously occupied the 2 p.m. slot.


  1. HA HA!!! Not many people would agree but Todd Manning said it best, 'People need another magazine like they need another daytime tv chat show.' If the numbers are up on CBS's talk shows, it is only out of spite for ABC daytime. We have told you, for the last year, that we were going to be heard loud and clear across the country. This is yet another one of those situations where, in vice versa, the numbers don't tell the whole story but they also don't lie. We are the soap fans of America. We want our soap operas on the air. We want Agnes Nixon's legal rights restored to her. And we're not going anywhere until all of our demands are met post haste.

  2. ABC problably forgot to mention the stupid chew runs over right into GH so those dvr'Gh get stuck seeing the alst few minutes of that repuslive show.

  3. How fair is that for ratings? They run the Pew all the way to 2 :00... when people are turning their sets on for GH.. getting or should i say stealing the first 15 mins from the soap... Do they think we dont notice these things? We are smarter than they realize. Idiots at ABC/D.

  4. Although both The Talk and The Chew are growing faster than I'd personally like to see, an unintended consequence may be developing here. Since this is the first week that The Talk has passed The Chew, The Chew COULD be the show in trouble if this persists-especially if Anne Sweeney's "eyeballs" comment still holds.

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  7. I wonder what time The Talk comes on in the rest of the country. It comes on at 2pm, opposite GH, in the DC area, but both shows are experiencing growth. Oh well, I am staying true blue to GH, and nothing else on ABC.