Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Barbara Walters Still in Hospital; Whoopi Reads Statement on The View

As you may know, Barbara Walters fell and hit her head at the British Ambassador's residence during Inaugural festivities Saturday night.  Walters remains in a Washington hospital.  Today on The View, Whoopi Goldberg read the following statement from Walters:

“First and foremost I want to thank all of the people who’ve called, written and been concerned about me. I’m most appreciative. I’m running a low grade fever and the doctors are keeping me in the hospital until my temperature is normal. I’m pleased to say that it is going in the right direction and I will be home soon.”

Added fellow The View cast member, Joy Behar, “Barbara, we miss you and lay off Grey Goose, okay, babe?  She tripped on the same stairs she once had sex with Churchill.”

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