Thursday, January 3, 2013

The New ABC "Bachelor" Will Be Live on Twitter

Despite its failures, ABC is at it again with a new season of The Bachelor.  The guy is Sean Lowe, who was rejected by Emily Maynard who chose Jef Holm, but later split with him after she allegedly cheated.
ABC is making Lowe available to fans via Twitter during Monday's premiere broadcast from 8 to 10:01 pm ET.  They can submit questions and receive real-time responses from the Lowe himself who will be up on Twitter at @SeanLowe09 during the East Coast broadcast. 

You can ask what you want, but those who follow Reality Steve online already know that the show has finished filming and that Sean's pick is - SPOILER ALERT:

Catherine Giudici of Seattle, Washington and the two are "engaged."

If you prefer to go the old-fashioned route and watch the series from start to finish without knowing the ending, here's what ABC has to say:

On the premiere episode, "Episode 1701," Sean, 28, the handsome business entrepreneur from Dallas, meets 26 potential soul mates as he begins his exciting search for true love. Sean prepares for the night of his life as the 26 beautiful bachelorettes, all clamoring to meet him, begin to arrive. 

Jackie, a beautiful makeup artist, makes sure Sean will remember her, kissing him emphatically on the cheek. Robyn, an oil field account manager and former cheerleader, falls for the Bachelor right from the start, back flipping out of the limo -- but tumbles right on her rear. Kelly, the attractive cruise ship singer, looks to her possible future with Sean and croons an original love song to him. Sexy Ashley P. stuns the Bachelor with her in depth knowledge of the bestselling novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, while pulling a tie out of her cleavage. And Lindsay is all ready to walk down the aisle, dressed in a bridal gown, and steals the first real kiss of the night. 

Sean shakes up the night when he decides to hand out early roses to women with whom he has an immediate connection. But not all the women are that lucky and wonder how to impress him to get a coveted rose. Sarah reaches out with honesty and sincerity, not afraid to show her vulnerability. But Lindsay decides the best way to handle the situation is to come on strong.

Finally, after Sean's first rose ceremony, 19 women will remain to compete for his affection and, in the end, his heart. 

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