Monday, February 11, 2013

Dr. Brennan is Shot on Bones; Emily Deschanel Shares Insight

Tonight's episode of Bones at 8 pm eastern on Fox is what they used to call a "very special episode." Bones herself is the victim this time around as Dr. Temperance Brennan is shot while working in the lab alone late at night following a spat with Booth (David Boreanz).  Viewers are likely to believe the shooter is the recurring bad guy, Pelant, but we don't know that.

The installment, "Shot in the Dark," was the impetus for Fox to hold a conference call with actress Emily Deschanel who has played Bones for the past eight seasons. During the call, Deschanel shared some details of the episode with reporters and reflected upon her character's growth over the years.

She revealed that Brennan flatlines after the shooting and has a transcendental encounter with her mother (played by Brooke Langton) at her childhood home, which opens the door for still more evolution.

"I think that viewers will have a better idea of why Brennan behaves the way she does, is kind of hyper-rational and has cut off her emotions in many ways, even though she’s over the last few years opened up after knowing Booth," said Deschanel.

"As the season goes on it's kind of a subtle change.  I think it will be addressed in later episodes this season. I think Brennan feels like it's shined a light on her behavior and maybe encourages her to change a bit."

The actress told reporters a few important details from her character's past come to light as a result of the encounter.  There's also new information for Bones' father, played by Ryan O'Neal, who appears in the episode.

Further, Deschanel said, becoming a mother has helped Bones to grow as she has since having her son last year.

"Brennan is a different mother than I am, but you have that kind of biological response. You know, with some of the things you go through and even the hormonal changes.

"The minute you become a parent, I think you’re always going to wonder if you’re doing something wrong, and I certainly experience that on a daily basis.

"I think that’s also something that–you know when you’ve lost a parent, you just want to be able to call them up on the phone and say, how do I cook that thing you used to make for me? How do I do this?  What did you do with me when I was a child?

"So, it’s quite fitting that this issue she’s dealing with, in a way, causes her to see her mother again and hopefully helps ease those pains because doesn’t have her mother around."

On a somewhat lighter note, Deschanel was asked about the day-to-day environment at work where she and her colleagues routinely come into contact with bodies (albeit fake) that have been burned, mangled, eaten and degraded into all kinds of ugliness.

Does she get grossed out?

"I mean not as much as I should at this point. I've become a bit desensitized honestly, but yes, I do get grossed out for sure by things."

About a recent episode with charred body parts, she said, "Once you start thinking about how someone dies by being burned, that's kind of horrible. So, you don't let yourself think about it too much.  I guess that's why Brennan behaves the way she does in some ways.

"For research on the show, I have gone to the coroner’s office and that was much more disturbing to me than what we do on our show because I know it's fake, and it doesn't stink like it does there.  But yes, it can be definitely disgusting."

The actress was asked about her sister, Emily, who stars in New Girl, also on Fox, which may constitute the only time sisters have starred in prime time shows on the same network simultaneously.

"It’s so hard for me from the inside to kind of analyze, but the way we think is completely different. We’re very different in many ways. There are also similarities having grown up in the same household. I don’t know; we have lots of things in common, but we kind of view the world in different ways and have different ways of doing things."

Deschanel offered that there's a lot more drama ahead for the rest of the Bones season.  She said Pelant will return, though we don't know if he's the shooter in her case, and there will be more "heart to heart" interactions between her character and those of Cam and Angela, her friends and co-workers.

And, she said the issue of marriage for Brennan and Booth will come up once again.

"We do discuss it in an episode that we’re about to shoot next week; there’s not necessarily a resolution, but it is discussed again. I think if you remember, Booth is not going to ask Brennan to marry her again. He’s already said it. He said, 'You have to ask me.'”

She also talked about the appearance of a new "squintern" in the lab who gives Bones a run for her money.  Played by Brian Klugman (nephew of the late actor Jack Klugman), the character of Oliver Wells will be an intellectual match for Deschanel's character, a first in the series.

"He challenges Brennan like nobody has challenged her before. He challenges her to think outside the box.  He's a really fun character and super smart.  Brennan questions whether he's smarter than she is, which is new and different as well,"  said Deschanel.

Bones finishes the month of February with all new episodes.

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