Friday, February 15, 2013

Veteran Wall Street Lawyer Hosts Side Bar with Bill Singer on Reuters Insider

Bill Singer (right) with Aegis Frumento.

Attorney Bill Singer, an authority on securities law, compliance and regulation, is the host of Side Bar with Bill Singer on Reuters Insider. The first episode is available here.

The program will feature guests talking about the latest Wall Street regulatory issues with discussions aimed at industry professionals and serious public investors.

On the inaugural installment of Side Bar with Bill Singer, Aegis Frumento, partner at the New York law firm of Stern, Tannenbaum & Bell and co-head of its Financial Markets Practice, explains the mechanics of Whistleblowing. Singer and Frumento explore the concerns of confidentiality and the SEC's first bounty payments.

Upcoming guests on Side Bar With Bill Singer:

Shah Gilani, General Partner of AFQR FX Strategies hedge fund; author of The Capital Wave Forecast and Spin Trader newsletters; and blogger at Forbes and Wall Street Insights and Indictments. Shah and Bill discuss the controversial issue of high-frequency trading and its implications. Click to see episode.
Ronald H. Filler, Director of New York Law School's Financial Services Law Institute and of the LLM and Financial Services Law Graduate Program. Ron and Bill discuss the pace of international regulatory reform and complaints about the USA not being a team player on the global stage. Click to see episode.

"Apparently, the only thing still on the level on Wall Street is the water in the toilet bowls," said Singer. "I'm not going on camera to listen to someone talk up their book. It's time for tough questions, straight answers, and opinions from folks who have been in the trenches."

Bill Singer is an outspoken critic of ineffective regulation and an advocate for economic and political sanity. Singer is a member of the New York law firm of Herskovits PLLC, where he provides legal counsel to securities-industry firms, registered persons, whistleblowers and defrauded investors.

A three-decade Wall Street veteran, Singer was previously employed in the Legal Department of Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Co., as a Staff Attorney at the American Stock Exchange, and Regional Attorney for the National Association of Security Dealers (now known as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). He has represented clients before regulatory organizations, and during criminal and Congressional investigations.

Bill Singer has appeared on CNBC, CNN, CBC, Bloomberg, and National Public Radio's "Marketplace." He is a prolific author on securities industry matters, and presently writes the "Street Sweeper" Blog at and the "BrokeandBroker" Blog at

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