Friday, March 23, 2012

ABC Gets More Bad News for The Revolution, The Chew Ratings

ABC executives cannot be happy. Ratings for The Revolution sank to another all-time low last week.

And The Chew is still trailing its predecessor, All My Children.

For the week of March 12th, Nielsen reports that The Revolution had 1.33 million viewers, 45% fewer than One Life to Live last year at this time, when 2.43 million people were watching. The numbers are even worse among women, the key audience.  Last weeks audience number for The Revolution was 1.40 million, so the week-to-week drop was pretty significant.

The Chew had 2.14 million viewers last week, down 10 percent from last week's 2.23, and down significantly from All My Children, which was drawing 2.38 million people last year. 

Unfortunately for soap viewers, General Hospital didn't do all that well last week.  It was in last place among all the daytime soaps still on the air and is clearly suffering from the absence of lead-in programming that anyone wants to watch:

Total Viewers (last week/last year)
1. YOUNG & RESTLESS - 4,337,000 (+62,000/-397,000)
2. BOLD & BEAUTIFUL - 3,116,000 (+53,000/+168,000)
3. DAYS of OUR LIVES - 2,420,000 (-9,000/+104,000)
4. GENERAL HOSPITAL - 2,248,000 (-96,000/-345,00)


  1. Abc needs to wake up they have lost viewers not only daytime but primetime as well.I am boycotting abc and Disney .

  2. I hope The Revolution ratings continue to drop, and I'm sure The Chew ratings will not hold up for too long, certainly not 40 years! Very likely not even half that time. If The Revolution gets canceled, watch ABC not say anything about OLTL, as if they didn't just cancel a show that was doing remarkably well in ratings, under budget, bringing in double the ratings of The Revolution.

  3. I won't watch The Chew or The Revolution. I have no interest in more talk, lifestyle programing. Since ABC replaced AMC and OLTL with these programs I no longer watch ABC except for General Hospital. I would hope that ABC has learned from their mistake and keeps GH on the air. I also no longer watch or buy anything Disney.

  4. ABC/Disney got what it deserved. They wanted cheap programing and they got it... but at a cost! It enraged loyal viewers of both "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" and I am male. I watched AMC since the 80's on and off. I no longer watch ABC programing... and I will not step foot in a Disney Resort or theme park. It seems Mickey Mouse has turned into a rat who cares more about money and the bottom line than the quality of it's programing and the loyalty of it's viewers. ABC stands for Another Boring Channel

  5. Dennis L. SisnerosMarch 28, 2012 at 4:19 AM

    I know that it isn't The Revolution's OR The Chew's fault that our soaps were cancelled. However, I won't watch them, I won't support them, and I certainly won't forgive ABC for allowing this to happen. Now I saw in a preview while watching General Hospital that The Chew is doing a "Spring Make-over" for women, regarding clothes and such. Isn't it supposed to be a cooking show? ABC is SO desperate!

    1. Good catch, Dennis. Desperation for sure.

  6. ABC really blew it with daytime TV viewers! Shame on them all! As long as General Hospital is left alone they still have a chance I'll watch ABC for an hour a day. Mickey mouse mentality is my vote for ABC.

  7. Ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Told them not to put this nonsense on in place of AMC and OLTL. They took two perfectly functioning shows off so they could do what? What ever they were thinking was going to happen, didn't and I for one wish them complete failure with each passing day.