Thursday, October 20, 2011

Morning Joe Team to Write a Joint Memoir

More book signings are in store
for the
Morning Joe team.
The MSNBC morning duo, former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough and TV veteran Mika Brzezinkski, of Morning Joe will write a book together to be called "Mika and Joe: Our American Stories." 

According to Politico's Mike Allen, the book is billed as a joint memoir and will be published by Random House editor John Meacham, the former editor of Newsweek who is a frequent Morning Joe guest.
Allen reports that the book "will explore their lives leading up to their remarkable collaboration in creating the hottest brand in political television."

Both Brzezinski and Scarborough are authors already.  She's written two books about women and empowerment: "Knowing Your Value" and "All Things at Once."  His books have been of a political nature: "The Last Best Hope" and "Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day."

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