Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pan Am Going Down; How to be a Gentleman on the Way Out

Industry experts - and those with common sense - are predicting that ABC will cancel Pan Am shortly.

In its third week, the show had 6.42 million viewers, down from 7.75 million last week and 10.87 for the premiere two weeks ago.  The losses are even worse for the key 18-49 year--old demographic.

Can you say crash and burn?  This show, with horrible plots and thin performances, looked like it was shot in a tin can when it should have had beautiful backdrops reflecting the crew's globetrotting ways.

Over at CBS, How to be a Gentleman, is on its last legs.  Production has been shut down and the network has moved the show to a deadly spot on Saturday nights (when no one is watching TV to begin with.)  Seven episodes are in the can, so presumably they'll air and that will be it.

I liked Gentleman and was rooting for it, particularly for Kevin Dillon.  I guess I associate him with his Entourage character who could never get a break. In reality, though, Dillon has been working steadily for years.

Also, the show's young producer, David Hornsby, deserves a lot of credit for getting his own show on the air and for starring in it.

As you know, shows already cancelled this season are The Playboy Club, Free Agents and Charlie's Angels.

Finally, Dancing with the Stars viewers will be interested to know that Kelly Clarkson sings on tonight's results show.  It's "Eighties" week.

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  1. Well said about Pan Am it does look like it was shot in a tin can and the performances are thin.It was just an off-putting show and it failed miserably at recreating a time and place.