Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Chew Doing Worse and the Cancelled Revolution is a Complete Misfire

While ratings for the now-cancelled The Revolution on ABC continued to fail, its lead-in, The Chew is alright, but not great.  The Chew had 2.11 million viewers during the week of April 2nd, fewer than the previous week's 2.21 million viewers.  The ratings represent 9% fewer people than the show's predecessor, All My Children, but 33% more among women 18-34.  Older women, are not on board.  The Chew was off by 25% among women 18-49.

The Revolution had 1.3 million viewers, 51% fewer than One Life to Live a year ago, and 64% with women 18-49.

The Talk on CBS was watched by 2.04 million viewers for the week and ABC's The View averaged 3.42 million.

And here are the ratings (total viewers) for the soaps:

1 - Young and Restless - 3,960,000 (-164,000)
2 - Bold and Beautiful - 2,811,000 (-174,000)
3 - General Hospital - 2,244,000 (-11,000)
4 - Days of Our Lives -  2,162,000 (-137,000)

These numbers represent new lows for The Young and the Restless and for Days of Our Lives.


  1. That is so good to hear. Take that you greedy suits at ABC. Profits over viewership. Hmm, you must be losing a lot with these "cheaper to produce" waste of a time space! Brings our soaps back in a half hour format if that will help!

    Robert Lee

  2. Those soaps were on forever. They had a huge audience.
    Give the Chew a chance. It takes time.

  3. The Chew sucks its basically just another cooking show! There are way to many cooking shows on now for the quote on quote fat America.

  4. the chew is horrible. i wasn't a soap opera fan, but tuned into the chew online because of carla hall. she is sooooo uncomfortable on this show, and i don't get the point of daphne oz. mario looks pissed all the time (was he forced to do this show or something?). it's an all-around cluster-u-know-what.

  5. I can't stand te chew...they need to get rid f it....that black lady's voice gets under my skin...I watched it once and never will again.

  6. the show is awful....if Daphne's daddy didn't have a show, she would have never gotten this gig...she's awful....the host is awful sick of these shows that have to "represent" every ethnicity and sexual orientation....and The Revolution...even worse...

  7. The Chew needs to be cancelled ASAP! Everytime I come across it by shear accident I can not believe TV has become this bad-gag me!

  8. I enjoy the chew Give it a chance

  9. the chew is disusting next thing you know they well put
    hot sauces all over cereal with milk and onions