Friday, April 27, 2012

Daytime Ratings for Week of April 16, 2012

Nielsen ratings for the week of April 16 show that The Chew had 2.12 million viewers, up slightly from the previous week's 1.99 million and on par with the two weeks before that.  It seems The Chew has topped out and will not get better.  Others have reported that The Chew will never best (in both quality and quantity) the ratings of its time slot predecessor All My Children.  That seems certain to me as well.

The Revolution, now cancelled, of course, aired reruns during that week and drew 1.16 million viewers, fewer than the 1.19 million of the previous week.

ABC should consider itself lucky that its morning programs are doing well.  Without them and the lead-in audience they provide, the afternoon programs would probably be seen by even fewer people.  The View, for example, , the afternoon would The View on ABC stood well above the quartet, as always, with 3.3 million viewers.

The Talk, over on CBS, is growing an audience ever so slowly and is clearly gaining by the lack of interest in ABC's shows.  It had 2.15 million viewers during the week in question, a five percent gain over last year at this time.

Here are the soap ratings for the week of April 16th.

Total Viewers
1. Young and Restless - 4,304,000 (--5,000 from previous week)
2. Bold and Beautiful - 2,982,000 (+4,000)
3. Days of Our Lives - 2,376,000 (-7,000)
4. General Hospital - 2,228,000 (+11,000)

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