Friday, April 6, 2012

Matt Lauer Re-Signs with Today on NBC

Matt Lauer has signed a new new contract.  He'll stay at "Today" on NBC for a number of years, reportedly for $25 million per year.  That's a lot, even for a television talk show host.

The Today show has been challenged recently by ABC's "Good Morning America," with that program's ratings creeping steadily upward, though Today is the consistent winner.  This week, there was an actual horse race with Katie Couric filling in on ABC and Sarah Palin making her "guest host" appearance on NBC.

I guess NBC felt it really needed Lauer to keep the show on top.  There have also been rumors that co-host Ann Curry will not be around long because she's "not nice" and has been making staff members unhappy.  (Some have said Lauer doesn't want Curry around either.)  If it hadn't signed Lauer, the network would have been in a tight spot with the prospect of having to replace two co-hosts.

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