Thursday, June 28, 2012

ABC Daytime Ratings Watch: Week of June 18th

I hate to tell this to all  you soap fans and aficionados of All My Children and One LIfe to Live, but ratings for The Chew on ABC are up again and there was some overall good news for execs at ABC.

During the week of June 18th, Nielsen reports that 2.19 million watched The Chew.  That's down 9% from last year when All My Children was on, but it's up from 2.13 the previous week and a further increase from the weeks prior to that.  The Chew has gained 34% among women 18-34 in the past year.  ABC has to be happy about that because they are after a young audience.

The Talk, however, continues to creep up on The View.  Though not head to head competitors, the two programs are in competition with each other because they are similar and ABC has been taking it on the chin since The View used to be absolutely dominant in daytime.

For the week in question, The View had 3.18 million viewers, down 10 percent from the comparable week last year.  The Talk had 2.28 million, up 8% from last year.  So, the gap is closing.

The Revolution, now canceled, had a measly 1.21 million viewers, 46% fewer than its predecessor One Life to Live last year.


  1. I have said it until I'm tired of it.We can boycott all we want but it doesn't matter its p to the people with Neilsen boxes.To me there isn't very many abc soap fans with them either pluss the age group targeted is 18 to 34 year olds.They are still using the same amount of boxes and system from the 70's.Its like there giving boxes to people who will not watch abc soaps.We know the numbers are higher but we don't count.I wish someone would do a total investigation of neilsen.Done read enough to see it is so faulty but why would they care.They are getting paid.Until people have an uprise and demand facts from Neilsen we are never gonna win.Watch them give ratings to GAA and Hatie Katie.I have had non soap fans say they would watch the revolution before the chew.But Neilsen has picked the chew.People something is going on and until we can get Neilsen busted wide open we are gonna keep losing.More people are watching gh because og the oltl characters but they are saying less.Why?

    1. According to what I have read they hardly have any Neilsen boxes and they are with people that are 18-34. This is utterly ridiculous but what can anyone do with this stupid rating system? I do not watch ABC except GH. I am done with them. There is some kind of major manipulation going on with them.

    2. But compare it with OLTLs rateings and the spew is still failing. I have not warched ABC/D since last april and never will again until they fix the situation

  2. I don't know about anybody else but I tend not to believe everything that I hear or read. Maybe the ratings are up on the Chew for now, but did it ever occur to you that it might not be true. Maybe the ratings aren't as great as reported. It's possible that the executives at ABC tv are twisting things a little or a lot, just to make the show look good. Let's say out of 50 people only one person might tune in and the big shots at ABC tv will blow that way out of proportion, claiming viewership success. Now if 49 people were watching and 1 person not, then that would be something to sing about but I don't think it goes that way. The possible real truth is that the ratings for "The Chew" are not as great as said, but the big wigs at ABC tv have to save face by claiming "The Chew" is honky dorey in ratings and with the viewers and also not admit that they made a big humungus error by ending two beloved shows, AMC and OLTL. Wake up people, you're being manipulated into believing that this garbage (the chew ) is good and all it really does is show viewers how to eat your way into being fat. There are far more better cooking shows on free public television and cable. Bottom line, keep up the good work die hard soap fans. Your hard work and efforts worked. You got "The Revolution" canceled now do the same for "The Chew" and send a message to the big shots at ABC tv that your opinion and loyal viewership counts.


    A soap fan who is over the age of 55 and is consdered too old to count for anything. Think Again! Peace!

  3. Has it ever occured to anyone that the executives at ABC are just waiting for the viewers anger to subside and even end, because they know eventually people will forget and forgive and return to watching all programs that they throw in front of us on ABC TV. It happens all the time, people get tired of fighting and slowly go back to the way things were, and once that happens then the big shots win and that is what they're waiting for. For viewers to come back to them, in time. I hope viewers will continue to tune ABC out. Stay the course folks! and let the powers that be hear your angry voices, saying, You Will Not Be Ignored!

    Goodluck to us all! and stay the course.

    A Loyal Soap Fan.