Monday, June 4, 2012

TV Ratings for Final Week of 2011-2012 Season

Fox had the top-rated show (American Idol) for the final week of May sweeps and the entire TV season.  ABC came in second and third with the two final installments of Dancing with the Stars.

Here are the top 10 shows on broadcast television, followed by the cable top ten for the week of May 31st.


American Idol (Wednesday), FOX, 12.2
Dancing with the Stars Results (Tuesday), ABC, 11.6
Dancing with the Stars (Monday), ABC, 10.8
American Idol (Tuesday), Fox, 8.7
Modern Family, ABC, 6.2
NCIS (Tuesday, 10 pm), CBS, 6.2
NCIS (Tuesday, 9 pm), CBS, 6.1
Dancing with the Stars (Special, Tuesday, 8 pm), ABC, 5.9
America's Got Talent (Monday), NBC, 5.6
America's Got Talent (Tuesday), NBC, 5.5


NBA Lakers vs. Thunder (Mon), TNT, 5.3
NBA Thunder vs. Spurs (Sun), TNT, 4.8
NBA Heat vs. Pacers (Thur), ESPN, 4.5
NBA Celtics vs. 76ers (Wed), ESPN, 3.5
NBA Pacers vs. Heat (Tues), TNT, 3.5
Pawn Stars (Mon, 10:30 pm), Hist, 3.3
Pawn Stars (Mon, 10 pm), Hist, 3.3
American Pickers, Hist, 2.8
NBA 76ers vs. Celtics (Mon), TNT, 2.8
WWE Raw (Mon, 9 pm), USA, 2.7


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