Monday, February 6, 2012

American Idol Back on Top in the Ratings

Those saying American Idol has lost its luster are being proven wrong by the ratings.

The show was number one last week (January 23-29), on both Wednesday and Thursday, taking the top two spots in the ratings for the week with an 11 and 10 on each night, respectively.

Though FOX did well with Idol, clearly CBS is still dominating among the broadcast networks.

On cable, Pawn Stars on the History Channel and Jersey Short on MTV are the leaders.

Here are the top ten shows for the week, broadcast and cable:

American Idol (Wednesday), FOX, 11.1
American Idol (Thursday), FOX, 10.0
The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 9.7
CSI, CBS, 9.0
Criminal Minds, CBS, 8.7
NCIS, CBS, 8.1
Undercover Boss, CBS, 7.9
NFL Pro Bowl, NBC, 7.3
The Good Wife, CBS, 7.2
60 Minutes/Touch Preview, CBS/FOX, 7.1

Pawn Stars (Mon., 10:30 pm), Hist, 4.2
Jersey Shore, MTV, 4.1
Pawn Stars (Mon., 10 pm), Hist, 3.9
American Pickers, Hist, 3.5
Republican Debate (Thurs), CNN, 3.4
Storage Wars (Tues., 10:30 pm), A&E, 3.2
Kourt & Kim Take New York, E, 3.1
Storage Wars (Tues., 10 pm), A&E, 2.8
WWE Raw (Mon., 9 pm), USA, 2.8
WWE Raw (Mon., 10 pm), USA, 2.7

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