Thursday, February 16, 2012


The X FACTOR has unveiled its audition schedule and also announced today it is expanding its audition process.  New for the second U.S. season, artists with pre-existing management contracts will be able to audition, subject to limited restrictions.

The program will hold the following auditions (see image/chart for details, or visit the show's Web site): 

  • Online, beginning March 1 at
  • MyStudio HD Recording Studios across America open March 1 (see below for details).
  • Open Calls begin March 14 in Kansas City and continue in Austin, TX (March 22); San Francisco (April 20); Greensboro, NC (May 1); and an additional city to be announced.

 Those eligible for The X FACTOR are ages 12 and over (with no upper age limit). 

Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid will return as judges to the show when it returns to FOX this fall.   As many know, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger have been let go and new judges have not been announced.  Also axed was the show's host, Steve Jones.

"We wanted to change a few things this year, so starting with the auditions, we’ve torn up the rulebook again," said Simon Cowell, judge and mentor.  "Even if you have management you can still enter, and we are making it easier by extending the online auditions and taking the MyStudio booths to even more cities. You can enter as many times as you want and come to any of the cities, too. We’re here to discover stars from all music styles including groups. I really believe a group can win this show!” 

L.A. Reid, said, "In the music industry, when you’re looking for new talent you can discover it anywhere. The X FACTOR is opening this up to go further than anyone has before, and that’s what it takes, so I can’t wait to see what amazing talent we might find. I urge people to go out and audition, this is the real deal.” 

To sign up and to read all of the show's eligibility requirements, visit: Hopefuls are advised to check back regularly for updated information, rules and registration forms.

Melanie Amaro was crowned The X FACTOR Season One winner and was awarded the biggest prize in TV history, a $5 million recording contract, as well as her own iconic Pepsi commercial featuring Sir Elton John. Her album is due out later this spring.

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