Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Castle Beats Smash, Whose Audience Dwindles

ABC's "Castle" (with 9.7 million viewers) last night widened its winning advantage over NBC's "Smash" (with 6.5 million viewers), ending up with 32% more viewers.  That's a pretty solid lead.
Smash had 11.5 million viewers for its premiere episode and 8.1 million for last week's edition, the second installment.  Clearly, the show's audience is dwindling, though it is still relatively healthy.
It's possible viewers don't like the plot line.  Last week, Katharine McPhee's character,  Karen, lost out to Megan Hilty's Ivy for the plum role of Marilyn Monroe in the show about the production of a Broadway Musical about the fallen superstar.

In another poor turn, we found out last night that Debra Messing's Julia doesn't have such a great marriage after all.  She reveals that she had an affair with the guy slated to play Joe DiMaggie, Michael Swift, played by actor Will Chase.  He's rumored to be having a real-life romance with Messing, who recently left her husband of ten years, Daniel Zelman.  Chase recently left his wife.

How's that for a soap opera?

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