Thursday, November 10, 2011

Billy Crystal to Host the Oscars - YES!!

War. Famine. Presidential politics. A terrible economy.  Forget all of that for awhile because all is right in the world - in Tinsel Town, at least.

Billy Crystal announced today via Twitter that he will be back for a ninth time to host the 84th annual Oscar awards on February 26th.

Crystal, 63, is stepping in after a fiasco that brought down a politically incorrect (and dumb) producer (Bruce Ratner) and an ill-advised initial choice of host (Eddie Murphy).

Ratner was forced to resign after making anti-gay slurs.  Murphy walked away following Ratner's resignation.

Look for Crystal to resume his musical movie parodies and his trademark monologue, not to mention the best ad libs on live television since Bob Hope.  The only elements needed are air-head actors and actresses and unbecoming outfits to provide the oxygen that breathes life into Crystal's giant comedic talent.

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