Friday, November 11, 2011

Charlie Rose and Gayle King to the CBS Early Show

Charlie Rose (host of Charlie Rose on PBS) and Gayle King ("The Gayle King Show," on OWN) have, according to Brian Stelter of The New York Times, been chosen as the new hosts of a revamped Early Show on CBS.  The official announcement is expected Tuesday.

Finally, the network has made a bold decision and hired a couple of heavy hitters with some gravitas.  Both are great interviewers, affable and knowledgeable about grown-up issues.

Let's hope the show doesn't descend into the talk show depths by concentrating on cooking, sob stories and promotions for CBS ventures a la the competition.

I do have a couple of reservations based on Rose's, shall we say, many, many, years in the business.  Will he be able to hone in on the questions everyone is asking? 

If not, I'm sure that's where King will shine.  She is outspoken, direct and relevant.

Even with that mild caveat, I have a good feeling about this move.  What a breath of fresh air.  Can't wait to sample the show.  (Though, I do remain loyal to my early a.m. favorite, Morning Joe on MSNBC.)

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