Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All Preview from ABC

A number of the rejected bachelors from this season's The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard, the single mom from Charlotte, North Carolina, will appear on this Monday's special, "The Men Tell All."  According to ABC, Sean, Chris, Kalon, Ryan, Doug, John "Wolf," Tony and Travis will return to confront each other and Emily one last time on national television.  They will reportedly "dish the dirt and tell their side of the story."

The network promises that "tensions will flare" (I think they mean tempers flare, but, hey, they're reality show producers, not writers) as the guys face off about one of the most disliked bachelors this season -- Ryan. And one of the most controversial of the "men," Kalon, gets a dressing down by the rest of the bachelors.

Sean, they say, a "devastated" fan-favorite, will reveal how he handled his broken heart.

In addition, Emily and Chris Harrison will look back at some of the more memorable moments of the season and some previously unseen footage.  The show will air Monday at 8 followed by a preview of Bachelor Pad.  Ugh!

According to an ABC news release, Ryan, who was pretty arrogant and told Emily he would not be happy if she put on weight, will try to explain his behavior.  He says a number of the guys were threatened by his relationship with Emily.

Kalon, the guy who called Emily's five-year-old daughter Emily, "baggage" will face the other guys who accuse him of being on the show for the spotlight and the glamour.

A dejected Sean seeks closure, disclosing that he had "never had a broken heart" until Emily. Not only did he truly fall in love, he says, but still has strong feelings for her, revealing that he debated coming back to try to convince her she had made a mistake by giving him the ax.

Emily gets her turn as well.  She says she wants to make sure Sean knows that their parting was very tough on her as well, and that their relationship was "totally" real to her.

The special also includes a sneak peek of the Season Finale and the final two bachelors, Arie and Jef.  Spoiler alert: According to the blogger Reality Steve (www.realitysteve.com), Jef is the final guy who is now engaged to Emily, or at least he was when they taped the final show.

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