Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More from The Bachelorette and Fiance: Conference Call with Reporters

ABC today released the transcript of a conference call held with reporters and the three principals from The Bachelorette – Emily Maynard, her fiancĂ©, Jef Holm, and the final rejected bachelor, Arie Luyendyk.

As they did on “After the Final Rose” this past Sunday night, they talked about the usual, how in love Emily and Jef are, how he’s moving to Charlotte and how Arie tried to visit Emily after the show wrapped.  (He flew to Charlotte hoping to see her, but ended up only leaving his journal for her to read, which she didn’t.)

A few more interesting tidbits did emerge, however.  For one, the ring given to Emily by Jef is a platinum and diamond ring set with a central emerald-cut diamond weighing 2.5 carats.  It's accented with 87 smaller round-cut diamonds and the approximate total weight is 3.5 carats.  

Emily adamantly denied reports from RadarOnline that she’s bucking for a spin-off show that will document her wedding planning and the event itself.

“I have no interest in ever doing any spin-off show or anything like that,” said Maynard.  “I don't know how that got started but it's certainly not true.  I have been looking forward to the day that I get to go back to normal and not have to worry about cameras or anything like that and Jef and I can just be two people who fell in love on a show and left that behind us.”

Lindsey DiMattina, a reporter from, had the audacity to ask the most personal of questions, saying she was wondering if the two have had “the chance to spend some intimate, private time together since the show has ended and how that's gone?”

Maynard’s response: “Well, I mean, we didn't spend the night together on the show but we have weekends where we get to spend the whole weekend together, and we're engaged.  So, yeah. Thanks.”

The two also said they’ve learned a lot about each other since the show has ended.  Emily said she hadn’t realized how many great friends Jef has and how close he is to them.

Jef said, “she just continues to surprise me with how good of a mom she is and now nice she is to everyone.  It wasn't really much of a surprise, but it's just shocking with how patient she is with everything.”

Emily also revealed that she has now met Jef’s mother, but not his father.

“I got to meet Jef's mom the other night, the night after the final rose,” she said.  “It was a surprise for me.  I didn't even know she was going to be there, but she was so sweet, I mean, just amazing and couldn't have been nicer, and I got to talk to his dad on the phone and he was the same, just could not be nicer, more down to Earth.”   They rejected the idea that Jef’s Mormon background could pose a problem for them.

The two will live in Charlotte.  Jef says he’s looking for apartments and expects to move in early August.

Also planned is a trip to Africa for humanitarian work, something Emily has said she has wanted to do, and something that ties in with Jef’s company, People Water, that sells bottled water with proceeds helping to build wells in underdeveloped countries. 

They also plan to meet the family of Ricky Hendrick, Emily’s fiancĂ© and father to her daughter, who passed away.  Emily said she continues to have a great relationship with the family.

“The Hendricks are just like my own family.  I love them like my mom and dad and they love me just like a daughter, and I've been very close with them for a lot of years and they've seen me go through ups and downs and they want to meet anybody who makes me happy, and Jef does.  So, this is our first day even allowed out in public, so - and we've been in New York doing media all day, so I'm sure that meeting will happen soon,” she said.

Both Emily and Jef suggested that they’d endorse both Arie Luyendyk and Sean Lowe (the blonde) as the next "Bachelor" on ABC.

“I mean, I think I had the best group of guys in the history of the show.  I think that a lot of the guys from my season would be great.  I think that Sean would be great.  I think Arie would be great.  I also think somebody new would be fun, too, so there's lots of options,” said Emily.

Following the conversation with Emily and Jef, Arie spoke to reporters.  He said he was okay with the way he was portrayed on the show, but mentioned again that there seemed to be an emphasis on the physical attraction between him and Emily.

“Although the live show was very nerve-wracking for me, I feel like it went well and I got to explain what happened post-show and I was happy with it,” he said.

He reiterated that he had a great relationship with Jef , which made the break-up easier for him, and said he’d actually be open to being Best Man at their wedding.

Sigh! [Sarcasm]

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