Friday, May 4, 2012

The Chew Watch: ABC Daytime Ratings

Ratings for the Chew were up slightly during the week of April 23rd after falling for a couple of weeks before that.  2.27 million viewers tuned in during that week, up from 2.12 million and 1.99 million the previous weeks.  The Chew remains 6% below its predecessor, All My Children.

The Revolution, now in its last months, drew 1.43 million viewers, also up from 1.16 million.  That's surprising since ABC has tossed The Revolution to the trash heap.  But in the 2 pm time slot, ABC's audience has fallen 44 percent from a year ago when One Life to Live was on.  What were they thinking?

ABC's most popular daytime show by far is The View which drew 3.37 million viewers.  It's competitor (though not head to head), The Talk on CBS, had the same number of viewers as the previous week, 2.16 million.

Here are the soap ratings for the week of 4/23:

1. Young &Restless 4,445,000 (+141,000 for the week)
2. Bold & Beautiful 3,038,000 (+56,000 for the week)
3. Days of Our Lives 2,383,000 (+7,000 for the week)
4. General Hospital 2,355,000 (+127,000 for the week)


  1. Maybe in total viewers...but, in Women 18-49 The View is not far ahead of GH at all.

    1. Good point and good news for GH fans.

  2. So glad Puke-alution is gone and GH is staying for its 50th anniversary and hopefully many more after that. ABC, please get off your high horse and get AMC and OLTL back into production. The viewers need their soaps back and ABC needs the viewers back too!

  3. Desperate Housewives goes off this weekend. It is the last ABC night time program I watch. Until ABC returns AMC I will watch no new ABC programs. Guess what ABC I can get along without you much easier than you can get along without viewers.

  4. Steven, I so agree with you. Bring them back. I miss AMC as much today as I did the day it left the air.