Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Ryan Seacrest Out at Idol?

Ryan Seacrest may have to exist on only three of his four jobs next year.

It's rumored in the TV industry - and reported by Michael Starr in Today's New York Post - that he will not be offered a new contract to host American Idol next year - the 2013 season.

Seacrest, who is also a morning radio show host in LA, E! host and independent producer,  has been the host of Idol for all if its 11 seasons.  He is in the final year of a three-year, $45 million contract.

I have often said that Ryan Seacrest is the weak link in the Idol franchise.  His repeated use of the same, tired phrases - THIS is American Idol!, etc. - make him dull and boring.  It's rare that he has anything interesting to add to the program in terms of a funny ad lib or actual insight - especially now that he's lost Simon Cowell and Paul Abdul as foils.

There are any number of radio, TV or music personalities who could fill his shoes and breathe new life into the program as it continues through its second decade.  The proof of that is the program's success with its latest judges - Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

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