Thursday, January 12, 2012

The People's Choice Awards: What a Mess!

Nina Dobrev accepts her award.
Was the People’s Choice Awards broadcast last night a mess or what?

I know the producers are playing to a younger, hipper audience, so they need to present the program with a quick pace and a lot of energy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those under 40 say “awards shows are so booooooorrrring.”

But the so-called fixes applied by producer Mark Burnett and crew certainly didn’t do it for me.

The show was too unfocused, noisy (with loud music and constantly flashing lights) and lacking substance.

Even the opening, a taped bit with the cast of The Big Bang Theory fell flat.

The writing was so bad, I don’t remember there being a good laugh throughout the whole program.

And what’s with this new idea of weaving commercials into the actual program?  There were a number of segments dressed up as content.  In one, a presenter is “made over” by a group of women who go to CVS to buy beauty products.  True, no one wants to watch actual commercials, but I’m no more pleased to watch some hokey bit promoting a drug store chain under the guise of actual programming.   Seriously!!! 

The presenters were fine.  It was nice to see younger actors and actresses like Jason Biggs, Matt Bomer, Elisha Cuthbert, Nathan Fillion, Angus T. Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Zachary Levi, Adam Levine, Ewan McGregor, Lea Michele, and Emma Stone represented.

It was also refreshing to have newer winners, individuals like Katy Perry, Nina Dobrev, Nathan Fillion and Chloe Moretz do well.  Likewise with some new programs: 2 Broke Girl, Supernatural and Person of Interest.

I just think there has to be some middle ground between the stodgy Oscar-like presentations of the past and a show that mimics the Kid’s Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, which last night’s show seemed to do.

It would also be nice if we could see some clean crisp writing (a la Modern Family, Big Bang, etc,), a balance between young and old and, please, less loud thumping and constantly flashing strobes!

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