Friday, January 20, 2012

Ratings for "The Revolution" on ABC

The cast of "The Revolution" on ABC
We've reported extensively on ratings numbers for The Chew since it took over the 1 pm time slot on ABC when All My Children left the air. 

The numbers show slightly fewer viewers than AMC and they have leveled off since the run up to the holiday season when audiences were more interested than usual in food and recipes. 

Now, the numbers are stagnant.  Last week, The Chew had 2.56 million viewers, which is on the high side of for the show's history, but week-to-week they seem to go up and down in the low two million viewer range.

On to the next replacement - The Revolution - which debuted this week in place of One Life to Live.  It's clear from the latest Nielsen data that it, too, will not make the cut.  Below are the numbers for the first four days of this week, which show that The Revolution will be anything but; it seems more like a failed mission.

January 2011 time period average: 2.3/ 6

Monday 1/16/12
Lead-in (The Chew): 2.3/ 6
The Revolution: 1.9/ 5

Tuesday 1/17/12
Lead-in (The Chew): 1.9/ 6
The Revolution: 1.5/ 5

Wednesday 1/18/12
Lead-in (The Chew): 2.0/ 6
The Revolution: 1.5/ 5

Thursday 1/19/12
Lead-in (The Chew): 1.8/ 6
The Revolution: 1.3/ 4


  1. To me it is not suprising these shows are low. I have went through posts on all things revolutio, AMC,Chew and OLTL. There are so many folks out there that would look forward to seeing "THEIR" shows 5 days a week. Now they are gone and I think there is a grieving process for some. They feel like ABC has "killed" off their "family" Now they want ABC to pay for the murder. It may seem dramatic but I think it is grief that fans are feeling. I have felt the stages of grief with the canceling of these shows. I know there are more.

    1. I agree that Soap fans are boycotting the new shows because I am one of them. I do not watch any ABC shows in the afternoon anymore until GH comes on. I am glad that the new shows are not doing well this will teach Disney not to mess with the Soaps.

  2. Stopped watching ABC completely. Read somewhere that there is talk of moving General Hospital to primetime, hello we don't want to pay for ABC/Disney's mistake, we want them to acknowledge the mistake and put our soaps back on when they are supposed to be on and move your oh so popular reality tv to primetime with the rest of them.

  3. Usually not home that time of day but on two days that I am - - no ABC except between 2p - 3p GH. The DVR is only programming GH also. Disney, ABC and the sponsors of these two horrible shows do not have my patronage nor dollars. And I use to watch a lot of ABC shows, no more. I don't believe for one moment that the studios can't afford its soaps, not do I believe their bogus research on what viewers want. The whole thing stinks, and I hope ABC/Disney wallows in it until they acknowledge 40 plus years of loyal viewing...

  4. I can't wait to see the spin ABC puts on the chew's ratings. Their blatant favoring is sickening and not real info. How low will the ratings have to sink before the studios admit their folly?
    The two days I am home I no longer watch ANY ABC except General Hospital. I will never DVR or watch the two horrible shows replacing AMC and OLTL (or Ms Couric when that happens). I have been a loyal patron of ABC for 40 plus years. My ABC viewing trends carried over into primetime but no more. Same goes for the sponsors of thechew and revulsion - no more dollars from me or my extended family.
    Where is ABC with all of the complaints? It is obvious Bob Iger and Mickey Rat do not care.
    (i hope this isn't a double post)

  5. Per Perez Hilton and his website…….

    The Revolution is a brand-new ABC talk show hosted by Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

    Aimed toward a broad range of personalities, they take lifestyle topics and discuss them from every angle to help audiences make positive choices in their own lives.

    Unfortunately, the show had a weak premiere. Nielsen reports a 1.9 rating… which is far below the 2.4 rating One Life To Live maintained in the same time slot.

    We’re betting there’s a lot of intentional avoidance since many of those at home ’round that time were watching OLTL… and we all know how loyal soap fans can be!!

    We hope they can pick it up, though. Otherwise ABC might consider rebuilding Llanview after all!!!

    I hate Perez Hilton and his star wanna be self!!! Just thought I would share what he thinks about our ABC boycott!!!

  6. HAHA Passions did better than the revolution...
    I want Passions back if you're going to be too cheap to bring back OLTL

  7. I hate reality TV. I didn't mind the occasional episode of Real World vs. Road Rules on MTV in the mid 1990's, because it was a younger edgier generation trying to get along. When things start to get ugly in our nation by tons of reality TV shows making real people behave badly. That is not entertainment. I like the way I am. I like escapism TV and novels with real plots and really creative scripts and good actors. If I want someone else's opinion, I will ask them for it. I don't like turning on the TV and getting unsolicited opinions from celebrity fashion experts and doctors. ABC/D messed up and lost my viewership that has existed since the soaps came on the air. ABC/D is now the "I wish they would just shutup TV network. If I want to hear talking heads with opinions, I will watch the news networks. An afternoon of CNN is better than an hour of ABC reality talk shows.

  8. I agree with so many above. I've watched AMC and OLTL since the 1970s. It has always been my choice for news and Nightline. I no longer watch anything on ABC, not even GH, as I gave up that soap several years ago. I want AMC and OLTL back and will not turn on ABC again until they come to their senses. It's not my problem that it's cheaper to produce talking heads shows, but like others have said, if I want opinion, I will watch a channel dedicated to that type of broadcast. I DESPISE (UN)REALITY TV - I WANT ESCAPE!

  9. I too agree with most. I've been watching these soaps since the mid '70's. I have boycotted everything ABC, the only thing I do now is dvr GH. There was more reality and help with common problems tan so called reality shows. Real housewives?, when are they going to clean their house or go shopping for something other than shoes? I do not watch ANY reality shows and won't ever. If tv goes in this direction and make all programming so called reality then I guess I won't watch tv anymore. I have watched ABC all my life, I just hate it now. Even their primetime stuff sucks.

  10. I use to look foward to 2:00 to watch One Life to Live and now my TV is off. I have not even been in the least bit curious to watch even one minute of this crap that replaced my soap. I hate reality TV. If I want to watch the Revolution all I need to do is turn on other stations to watch other versions of the same junk. Makeovers are all you ever see. They do so many of them that they are going to run through the whole population and than we can get rid of this boring type of show. It never appealed to me and I despite what they say about training the public to watch it will never make me watch something that I don't want.

  11. I will never watch those new abc shows. Abc has lost this viewer. It seems only ratings matter...... Let's see when Disney has enough????????? Boycott is the only thing they understand!!!!!!

  12. i am so hurt that people can't see the benefits that these new talk shows bring...they are inspiring to watch & a breath of fresh air...NOT, BRING MY SOAPS BACK NOW you fools!!!!

  13. I was in the doctors office and the Revolution was on. My 18 yr old daughter annouces that it is the worst show she has ever seen. This is coming from a non soap watcher. By the way,it is bad, jumps around too much. I am a working mom, I dont have time to cook complicated food like on the Chew. If I nees a recipe I'll look it up.

  14. I'm disgusted with ABC, I too only watch GH, the chew should be on the food channel & the revolution should be in the garbage, I thank god my mother isn't alive to see this, shame on you ABC for taking away our favorite shows, we won't hold it against you if you bring them back !!!

  15. I agree with Mary D. and many of the above comments. I am sorry to say, but I would love to see both of these shows tank big time. I really miss OLTL; it was the only soap I watched for many years.